Preserving Our Precious Heritage – Fresh Water


Water, we need to use it again and use less experts say. Six billion humans are putting a strain on our fresh water resources while only a small fraction of Earth’s water is available
for drinking, irrigation or industrial use. Sandra Postel, of the Global Water
Policy Project, said that China and India’s grain production will be reduced by 10 to 20 percent in the coming decades due to groundwater depletion. The once mighty Yellow River in China, the Nile, Ganges and several Colorado Rivers barely reach the sea in dry
season. Mother Nature’s liquid life is drying up.

Agriculture takes 70 percent of water whereas only 10 percent of water consumed worldwide is for household use. Worldwide, two-thirds of urban wastewater doesn’t even get treated, much less recycled and this certainly needs to change. The problem put
simply is – there is not enough water to meet the demands nor is the water adequately clean.

It is imperative that this challenge be addressed as Earth’s population increases and food needs soar. By 2025 it is estimated there will be an additional 2 billion planetary people.
How can we work together to responsibly utilize and conserve our fresh water for the coming generations? This is a huge question to ponder. First let us more deeply appreciate this precious life-giving gift. Let us not take even one drop for granted and be willing to be informed of what is really going on.

My Personal Story – The BP Oil Spill – Spring & Summer 2010

I grew up in the Baltimore with access to the Chesapeake Bay Area, one of the most unusual estuaries in the world. During my childhood our neighborhood was very communal. Our families often joined in work, parties and vacations together. Several times each summer we formed a caravan and drove either to the bay beaches or Ocean City Maryland for fun and swimming. Wherever I was and up until just recently, I relished immersing myself in natural water. Even in cold weather I would peel off my socks and shoes just to get a toe in the stream. I love the feeling of water.

In 2005 I began my exodus from living in the now crowded Baltimore area. I moved to a mellow town on the Atlantic Ocean in Florida to be near the beloved ocean.  I am a mermaid at heart, floating and diving in the sea and collecting seashells with intense absorption. That is until the BP oil spill in the spring of 2010 soaked the Gulf of Mexico with escaped oil and toxic chemicals. Even though I was on the Atlantic side I saw the effect as the skies darkened. The usually clear high blue skies turned to chronically smoggy and overcast. Day after day during the supposed rainy season, the clouds hung ominous and non-productive of rain. During this eco disaster I developed an array of unusual-for-me neurological symptoms.

I don’t know if my point of contact with the chemicals was by air or water, however each time I swam in the ocean or took a bath or shower, an eerie feeling took over my skin and my nerves would twitch for hours on end. I experimented and found that bathing in
purified water did not produce symptoms. For weeks my heart raced erratically
and I had problems sleeping. I developed estrogenic effects and headaches. Fatigue and mental fog eventually set in. My hair fell out in bunches. Walking in my neighborhood while the sprinklers or fountains were on, led to coughing. I was forced to retreat to the inside of my home whereas normally I love being outdoors.

Creepy Crawley Skin Feeling

The most pronounced symptom was a strange and uncomfortable excitation of the nerves on my skin, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. During the time when the BP oil well was gushing out of control, I left Florida two times, once for 5 day and
then 12 days, enough to learn that the severity of my symptoms gradually abated
when I left Florida, only to resume upon my return.  I could only suppose I was reacting to the presence of gas and or Correxit, the dispersant that BP applied to contain the
oil spill for 80 plus days.  Since it is very humid in Florida in June and July, I figured whatever was in the water must also be floating around in the air and vice versus. Eventually I left Florida for my health’s sake. I retreated to the forests in Maryland in order to reboot and rejuvenate my nervous system. My unfortunate experience however pointed my nose towards more research in the water safety issue.

Clean or Chemical Laden?

How safe is our water to drink? How about bathing & swimming? My son received his degree in environmental science and policy at William & Mary College. His interest
revolves around water issues and he had been telling me for several years that Florida has the most citations for toxic fish in the U.S. due to high pesticide use and what scientists and regulators now call “emerging contaminants”.  That is a loose definition of chemicals that includes animal hormones, pharmaceutical and over the counter drugs, flame retardants, plasticizers and cosmetics. Over 80,000 chemicals are registered for use in the United States. The bench mark safety level of many of these is unknown and equipment to test for their presence undeveloped or expensive. Certainly many of these unregulated contaminants pass right through waste water treatment plants thus forcing our aquatic life to live in a toxic brew.

In a Texas Observer article I read –

There’s Something in the Water – 6/25/10 – ( about research conducted by the Southern Nevada Water Authority. Categorized as the most comprehensive peer-reviewed study to date, they tested the tap water of 15 utilities that serve 28 million Americans. “Thirteen had measureable levels of contaminants, including the anti-convulsant phenytoin, the pesticide atrazine and the insecticide Deet.” Now the EPA is considering pharmaceuticals for regulation under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Better late than never I suppose.

Mutant Fish

I read about mutant fish swimming in Pecan Creek in the Texas Observer article. Dr. Bryan Brooks and his colleagues from the University of North Texas found male fish turning into females. They collected a bunch of fish over time and found in their flesh
Prozac and Zoloft and their human metabolites. (anti-depressants that humans
consumed and excreted) This same chemical-infused water can end up in our tap
if recycled wastewater is used to offset diminishing freshwater supplies.

Biologists and toxicologists link exposure to “emerging contaminants” to a wide range of
developmental, behavioral and reproductive problems in aquatic species such as algae, mussels, minnows and game fish.  Researchers at Clemson University exposed the
striped bass to relatively low levels of Prozac which alters serotonin levels. This shift tilted their feeding behavior off course and caused the fish to float with their fins poking out of the water. “Others floated vertically, tails down and mouths above the water level, like a kid dog-paddling in a pool.”  The picture I see in my mind is weird and scary. I eat less seafood now.

You can learn more about how our seafood is being harvested and grown:

“Just as multinational corporations have forever changed the way food is grown on land to the detriment of public health, the environment, local communities and food quality
itself, they are poised to do the same at sea. The identical factory-farm model is being adopted for aquaculture: growing food as cheaply as possible using toxic chemicals and other harmful techniques, packaging it in enormous bulk, and shipping it to distant grocery stores and restaurants all around the world…..

The YouTube Video on
the same page brings your attention humorously to the first genetically modified fish that has been approved by the FDA – they call it the Frankenfish!  If you are someone who
cares about your health, these directions affecting our food are something to be carefully considered and watched!

Back to My Childhood Playground – The Chesapeake Bay

Way back when in 1983, The Chesapeake Bay Agreement was supposed to improve and protect the water quality and living resources of the bay. The plan was to restore the bay by the year 2000. The goals and deadlines to clean up this precious resource went unmet,
mired in a net of government, agriculture and industry breakdowns. One article I read (Urbanite, July 2010, Now or Never) states “Today the bay’s situation is murkier than it was when the cleanup effort began. In 1985, about one-third of the bay met the Clean Water Act’s standard for clarity, in 2007 less than one-eight of the bay met the standard.
In the 1980’s, about 40 percent of the Bay’s deepest waters formed dead zones
so low in oxygen that aquatic creatures fled or died. Between 2006 and 2008,
more than 80 percent of the deep waters were summertime dead zones.”  The EPA says the bay is impaired by pollutants from farm runoff – slurry of fertilizers, herbicides and animal waste that rainfall washes into the rivers and then dumps into the bay.

I personally have mixed feelings about swimming in natural water these days. I also feel real sad for the aquatic life. Then I reflect again upon my childhood neighborhood, how the men would bring bushels of really fresh crabs back from the bay, the women
cooking together in the kitchen and then the joy and feasting we all shared in
our backyards. What will be the fate of the Chesapeake Bay I wonder? There is the jelly fish issue….according to statistics, oyster and crab production is way down because species that do well in polluted waters like the jelly fish are taking the place of fish and shellfish that used to thrive there. Some rivers around the bay are nearly clogged with jelly fish at
certain times of the year, I read.

Yet there is hope for a cleaner tomorrow. The Urbanite article does express that under the Obama Administration progress is being made. Thanks to executive orders to pursue more aggressive actions and a new restoration strategy, the future is looking up. Time will tell since we all know that big business has a way of protecting its interests over that of eco safety.  What we can do right now is start with this greater awareness. We can
also say a prayer for healing in our hearts. Somehow someway our precious fresh waters, the aquatic life breathing beneath the surface and the creatures of the earth must be valued more highly as truly precious and preserved for future generations.

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Disease is a Temper Tantrum

Disease is a Temper Tantrum

*This article expresses my point of view, an attitude I came to by carefully observing my mind and body connection. My perspective is constantly expanding so I apologize in advance if my insight is lacking or if this material is offensive to anyone who is struggling with chronic illness. I do not mean to make little of the challenges of disease or overly simplify the cause or cure of health issues. After many years of dosing my body with tons of supplements and seeing countless health practitioners, I finally came to a more internally directed mind/body approach that works for me. Take it or leave it and write if you want.

There are two stages of a temper tantrum. Stage one involves a lot of kicking and screaming and turning beet red. In stage two the child stops breathing and turns blue. Stage one is caused by aggressive energy – anger – another word for not accepting and trusting the current situation. Stage two is a more advanced stage of anger whereby the natural survival mechanism is short circuited and respiration is clamped shut. In yoga the aggressive energy is called rajas and the energy of inertia is called tamas. These two forces flank the middle force, satva, which is the force of balance or pure white, undivided luminous, life-giving light.

Disease operates in the human body as a result of blocked energy flow.

Throughout time we create wishes, and as if often happens, our wishes may not be met on the schedule we think is appropriate. Reality is an interpretation. Our interpretation maybe that we should have received what we wanted yet did not, therefore desire is thwarted. Our attachment creates an aggressive force that pushes against the source of our good, and can indeed clamp it shut. The provider of goodness, our Cosmic Provider if often called God. This pushing and clamping down causes harm to ourselves and therefore to the entire universe since all is one on the infinite level.

Anytime overt hostility is at work, raja is at play and balance is momentarily lost. Anytime hidden hostility is at work as is the case in passive aggressive tendencies, tamas or inertia is at work and the balance of pure satva is momentarily lost. Whenever the force of red hot raja or cool blue tamas dominates the thought stream, imbalance occurs on all levels and energy flow is reduced. Too much or too little – too hot or too cold –getting stuck in either takes us out of alignment with the universal flow. The mind and body depend on the proper ratio of elements in perfect timing in order to conduct trillions of complex activities in a seconds flash. Our minds are tools that regulate, enhance or diminish the energy flow.

Based on my own personal experience I came to see biological malfunctions as a play of these forces. Poor habits become ingrained and that is how I view patterns of disease now. Disease is a poor habit of throwing a fit, a temper tantrum, and getting all inflamed over “stuff” that does not go our way. Stage two – turning blue – is seen when there is hardly enough energy to get through the day, we call Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in our modern day. These poor patterns form neurological grooves and become habitual when we receive positive reinforcement, attention, even negative attention, for our poor choices. This is the domain of what we call the ego, that false anti-self that always strives to be the center of attention, no matter what, even if it kills you!

Mind you, none of this may be obvious at first – the truth is usually cloaked behind illusory “reasons”. For example, I was born with a blood disorder, however I now believe there is no logical reason why I cannot be 100% perfectly healthy and as a result I improve my condition. Recently I am feeling so good, I took up light jogging. When I face limitations, I remind myself I am not the body or the mind. I am the light that illuminates the body and mind and ultimately I am limitless. I am FREE!

In order to learn to live peacefully, we must learn to trust the present moment and believe that what is happening, even if uncomfortable, is somehow for our best evolution. There is a definite boomerang effect on our health when we doubt, reject and wrestle with the moment of now verses being okay with it as it is. AND, we can simultaneously still intend something better for the future. This is the razors edge – accepting now and intending the future. Even if sickness is present, accept it and plan for sunnier days.

Step one – acceptance helps to release our grasping, our kicking and screaming, our attachments and with that anger can be washed away and replaced with forgiveness, love and acceptance, reflective of our higher nature. These higher emotional vibrations reinstate our energy circuitry so our nervous system reboots, our cells can breathe and the body can rest and repair itself. Then stage two – the holding of the breath level of resistance – gives way. Sometimes anger follows the fatigue; this is usually a good sign that healing is underway. All the while we are free to imagine a day when all this acting out will be just a memory!

Sitting or walking quietly in meditation and allowing the thought stream to slow down produces noticeable relief if practiced regularly and if coupled with conscious breathing. Mediation practice returns us to the center of our being where we find our balance again. Be not fooled by disease. See it for what it is – a childlike manipulative mechanism – a temper tantrum. You can access a useful breathing technique plus visual aide for a multi-sensory approach which enhances concentration at my yoga website.

Go to

The good news is poor habits are meant to disintegrate; nothing lasts forever as the Buddha explained. I like to believe that my lucky soul-star is hovering over my head and whispering the truth in my human ear. It is up to me to listen with care and an open mind. That is how I learn compassion and tolerance for what it takes to wake up and be very well.

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Top Salt Cats 4 Balancing pH

Keep your pH balanced and your immune system strong, come wind, rain, sleet or snow!

Top Salt Cats 4 Balancing pH – How Does the Salt You Use Rate?
*see list below

First, a word about The Grain & Salt Society – Now called Selina Naturally

In 1995, a dear friend named Mitch S. suggested I join the The Grain & Salt Society and begin using the Celtic Sea Salt Brand in my diet. I was using “natural” sea salt and figured that was good enough. Mitch kindly sent me the book, Seasalt’s Hidden Powers. Mitch was a force to be reckoned with, so I joined the salt society. From the very start I felt my mood and immune system come into great balance, harmony and calm.

I also found their newsletter, A Grain of Salt, a dependable and cutting edge source of important dietary issues. I learned that processed salt is a negative culprit in the pursuit of super health in the same way that all processed foods are less vitalizing than natural ones. Proper digestion and assimilation of food, especially hydrochloric acid production, rely on mineral rich salt. Bodily enzymes, anti-aging mechanisms, energy production and pH balance all depend on a rich supply of trace minerals. Toxicities such as mercury deplete minerals and inhibit ATP (energy) production, so eating truly natural salt can help reverse degeneration for literally cents per day.

My fruitful association with Selina Naturally, one of the most integral and successful companies in the natural product marketplace, has now evolved into a formal affiliation at my Taurox4Vitality website. I encourage you to explore this exceptional online catalog of natural salts from around the world, specialty supplements, naturally cultured foods, kitchen tools, books, organic beauty products and unique food items. You can count on Selina to weed out those faddish products and supplements that might waste your energy and money.

AND…when you access Selina Naturally though Taurox4Vitality you are dealing directly with Selina and enjoy all the same benefits as any other customer.

The Story of The Grain & Salt Society

The company was founded by Jacques Delangre, an innovative natural health care researcher who studied with the macrobiotic pioneer George Ohsawa. Jacques was encouraged to investigate and distribute a totally natural form of salt harvested and raked, for thousands of years off the northwest coast of France. Historians believe that the Celts had inhabited this region, so Jacques, in love with the mystique of the Celtic lore named the salt and the raking method, “Celtic”. Jacques created the market for unprocessed salt through The Grain & Salt Society’s humble beginnings.

The inspired spirit which birthed the Society has stayed true even while the product selection has blossomed and now includes additional salt brands that meet strict standards of purity and nutritional content under the brand name Selina Naturally. Hawaiian Deep Sea Salt for is a newcomer that boosts an extraordinary mineral composition, sodium chloride of 79.6% and a pH of 10.22%. Its potential health benefits are matched by a subtle and smooth taste perfect as a finishing salt for salads, fruits and any dish.

Are you read to charge up your battery with boron, lithium, iodine and phosphorus, better balance your pH and receive the salt of the good earth?

Visit Selina Naturally at:

*Top Salt Cats 4 Balancing pH
Trace Minerals Ratios – data from the Selina Naturally Newsletter
23.10% – Selina Naturally Hawaiian Sea Salt*
17.50% – Celtic Sea Salt Light Grey*
13.40% – Selina Naturally Portuguese Coarse*
4.12% – Himalayan
3.96% – Lima Atlantic
3.92% – Alessi
3.53% – McCormick
3.42% – La Baleine
3.37% – Frontier
3.20% – Cerulean Seas
3.07% – Hain Pure Foods Salt
1.68% – Real Salt (brand name)

*These three top cat salts are available through Selina Naturally
Enjoy affordable world class nutrition when you salt-up for pennies per day!

Stara’s Kitchen Magic Tips

Sea Salt Alkalizing Beverage: 1 tsp. of high mineral sea salt per 1 qt. of pure water

Did you know that for a few cents a day you can bathe your cells in the essence of alkalizing sea salt?  For this purpose you want to select a very high mineral sea salt.

Peanut Butter Bliss

2 Tbs. organic creamy peanut butter
2 Tbs. honey
1 Tbs. + 1 tsp. soy lecithin granules
1/8 tsp. Hawaiian or Celtic Sea Salt
Blend well. Absolutely great on toasted rice cakes, carrot slices or as a topper on streamed kale.

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Lomatium Dissectum? Herbal Virucide-like Properties

Lomatium Dissectum? Herbal Virucide-like Properties

Traditional American Remedy

Recent studies have led researchers to consider the historical uses of Lomatium Dissectum (LD for short), a member of the parsley family, in managing human pathogenic viral growth.  Native Americans used this precious herb for food, as a medicine for viral and bacterial infections of the eyes and respiratory and urinary tract and even as a pesticide. In the United States it grows naturally in the high plateaus of the western states.

During the flu pandemic of 1917-18, Dr. E.T. Krebs Sr., a U.S. Government contract physician discovered that the Washoe Indians in Nevada were free of influenza despite Indians and white people “dying like flies” through out the entire region, nation and world. He spotted roots drying in their sheds and questioning them. He learned it was what they called “Dortza – heap powerful medicine” used to treat colds and flu. Dr. Krebs asked if he could test some on his white friends and the Indians agreed. He made a crude preparation and giving it to his non-Indian patients in San Francisco found “They just stopped dying”.

The LD root does indeed contain volatile oils with anti-viral and antibiotic effects. The extract also has a viro-static effect, meaning that it stops the growth of ALL viruses and bacteria in the body so that the body’s natural immune system can eliminate lethal organisms while protecting the good ones. Its effectiveness is of course dependent on the vitality and integrity of each person’s immune system.

 Extensive work has been done by five universities on Lomatium Dissectum.  It is a powerful, non-toxic, viro-static against flu viruses, the trachoma virus, the Lansing Polio viruses, and numerous other viruses.  By 1944, the Journal of Bacteriology reported:

“The anti-biotic activity of oil factions separated from the root of Lomatium Dissectum was determined on 62 strains and species of bacteria, molds, and fungi.  The heat-stable active agent was bactericidal for gram-positive bacteria at 10-4 dilutions and at 10-3 for gram-negative bacteria.”

     (Journal of Bacteriology, Vol. 55 No. 5 May 1944)

In recent times, Dr. Alstat, a naturopathic physician became fascinated with Lomatium and experimented on him. He found that a tincture of LD stopped the onset of colds. He was surprised at how fast the LD provided relief to a sore throat – in minutes! Dr. Alstat, founder of the Eclectic Institute out of Portland OR, an herbal company, then added the Lomatium to various tinctures.  He reports having received positive feedback from physicians he trusted with experience in treating tough viral infections and chronic illness in clinical settings.

Lomatium Dissectum – My Story

Lomatium Dissectum produces a strong resin which is present in the extract and must be introduced to the body gradually. Some experience a rash – thought by experts to be the result of system-wide, deep detoxification. My own experience agrees with this.

When I first began, I took 10 drops per day of Lomatium for 2 weeks, throughout the day, of the brand name LDM-100 by Barlow Herbal. The Barlow brand is ultra pure – owner Jane actually grows it in the mountains of Utah.  You see she is a descendant of Dr. Max Barlow who received the formula from Dr. Krebs, Jr.  Jane cultivates harvests and processes the roots into its extract form.  I was warned by the insert to begin infusing the LDM-100 slowly.  From the first day of use I noticed a “feeling on top of the world” dance to my step – reduced fatigue, increased mental clarity, improved joint mobility etc., so I stayed with the 10 drops per day. Then the rash came much to my surprise. I was covered in bumps that looked like measles for 3 days. Since I was feeling so energized I believed it was toxins from chronic pathogenic growths dispelling and coming through my skin. I stopped my usage of LDM-100 for a time period and then resumed a lower dose, working back up to 10 drops with no return of rash.

To this day I use the LDM-100 a few times per week or more often if I happen to notice any fatigue or symptoms creeping up on me. I would not be without it. Listening to my inner voice, being well-studied in natural health care and having the right tools at hand to care for my body are vital to my healing journey.  Daily I use the TaurImmune products to stay well. If I feel I need extra viral protection, I combine the Flurox with the LDM-100 for shining results!

Info on Flurox –


Barlow is not an “Affiliate” of – just friends!

 * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

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WOW – Vitamin E-rase Reverses Burns!

Last night I burned my hand while cleaning a glass stove top. My hand was still burning after running water over the area so I applied an old soothing friend – liquid Taurox™ (a homeopathically prepared di-peptide). Within 15 minutes my skin cooled down and the pain disappeared. This morning – no sign of redness or injury remains, it as if my little accident never happened – zippo – erased!  

 Now Taurox containing products are not designed to be used topically, they are taken internally to support the immune system and reduce fatigue, allergies and colds and flu. It was pure motherly intuition that led me to this discovery. You see I worked on this invention and know that Taurox has not been tested on wounds or burns. However, I think it fair to let people in on this secret.  The Taurox WOW effect is my proof.

 Now ask yourself – If a burn-erasing substance like this enters inside the body, can you see why the cells might leap for joy?

 Amazing Each Time!

This is not the first time I witnessed how Taurox acts like Vitamin E-rase on burns. Other tests in my family include burned 4 finger tips (me cleaning the stove again – I love to cook), a wild crazy hot grease burn in the eye (my son T who also loves to cook) and a burned forearm from brushing against an oven-hot dish (my son K who loves to eat). The searing pain was so sharp that my children cried out. I reached for Taurox and it dried their tears. I feel a responsibility to tell other moms.

 For me, liquid Taurox is a small thing to keep in the kitchen that makes a dramatic difference. I want to shout from the rooftops – Taurox is like Vitamin E-rase! WOW!

  • To learn more how Taurox works go to –
  • To select a Taurox product that is perfect for you – call 888-4-Taurox (482-8769)
  • To call or write me: – 888-551-6764
  • I offer a Risk Free Trial & Free Shipping

 I want to make it easy on your purse –

Contact me and I will give you 50% off for your first purchase.

Triumph with Taurox,

Char Tara Albert

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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