WOW – Vitamin E-rase Reverses Burns!

Last night I burned my hand while cleaning a glass stove top. My hand was still burning after running water over the area so I applied an old soothing friend – liquid Taurox™ (a homeopathically prepared di-peptide). Within 15 minutes my skin cooled down and the pain disappeared. This morning – no sign of redness or injury remains, it as if my little accident never happened – zippo – erased!  

 Now Taurox containing products are not designed to be used topically, they are taken internally to support the immune system and reduce fatigue, allergies and colds and flu. It was pure motherly intuition that led me to this discovery. You see I worked on this invention and know that Taurox has not been tested on wounds or burns. However, I think it fair to let people in on this secret.  The Taurox WOW effect is my proof.

 Now ask yourself – If a burn-erasing substance like this enters inside the body, can you see why the cells might leap for joy?

 Amazing Each Time!

This is not the first time I witnessed how Taurox acts like Vitamin E-rase on burns. Other tests in my family include burned 4 finger tips (me cleaning the stove again – I love to cook), a wild crazy hot grease burn in the eye (my son T who also loves to cook) and a burned forearm from brushing against an oven-hot dish (my son K who loves to eat). The searing pain was so sharp that my children cried out. I reached for Taurox and it dried their tears. I feel a responsibility to tell other moms.

 For me, liquid Taurox is a small thing to keep in the kitchen that makes a dramatic difference. I want to shout from the rooftops – Taurox is like Vitamin E-rase! WOW!

  • To learn more how Taurox works go to –
  • To select a Taurox product that is perfect for you – call 888-4-Taurox (482-8769)
  • To call or write me: – 888-551-6764
  • I offer a Risk Free Trial & Free Shipping

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Contact me and I will give you 50% off for your first purchase.

Triumph with Taurox,

Char Tara Albert

About chartalbert

I am a starful being out to birth a more harmonious world. I am good at communications, marketing, sales, artistic design, building team spirit and natural product development and anything requiring insight and originality. I love to write about the miracle of life and how to enjoy more vitality and peace. I am into yoga, health foods, nature and the joy of children.
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