Lomatium Dissectum? Herbal Virucide-like Properties

Lomatium Dissectum? Herbal Virucide-like Properties

Traditional American Remedy

Recent studies have led researchers to consider the historical uses of Lomatium Dissectum (LD for short), a member of the parsley family, in managing human pathogenic viral growth.  Native Americans used this precious herb for food, as a medicine for viral and bacterial infections of the eyes and respiratory and urinary tract and even as a pesticide. In the United States it grows naturally in the high plateaus of the western states.

During the flu pandemic of 1917-18, Dr. E.T. Krebs Sr., a U.S. Government contract physician discovered that the Washoe Indians in Nevada were free of influenza despite Indians and white people “dying like flies” through out the entire region, nation and world. He spotted roots drying in their sheds and questioning them. He learned it was what they called “Dortza – heap powerful medicine” used to treat colds and flu. Dr. Krebs asked if he could test some on his white friends and the Indians agreed. He made a crude preparation and giving it to his non-Indian patients in San Francisco found “They just stopped dying”.

The LD root does indeed contain volatile oils with anti-viral and antibiotic effects. The extract also has a viro-static effect, meaning that it stops the growth of ALL viruses and bacteria in the body so that the body’s natural immune system can eliminate lethal organisms while protecting the good ones. Its effectiveness is of course dependent on the vitality and integrity of each person’s immune system.

 Extensive work has been done by five universities on Lomatium Dissectum.  It is a powerful, non-toxic, viro-static against flu viruses, the trachoma virus, the Lansing Polio viruses, and numerous other viruses.  By 1944, the Journal of Bacteriology reported:

“The anti-biotic activity of oil factions separated from the root of Lomatium Dissectum was determined on 62 strains and species of bacteria, molds, and fungi.  The heat-stable active agent was bactericidal for gram-positive bacteria at 10-4 dilutions and at 10-3 for gram-negative bacteria.”

     (Journal of Bacteriology, Vol. 55 No. 5 May 1944)

In recent times, Dr. Alstat, a naturopathic physician became fascinated with Lomatium and experimented on him. He found that a tincture of LD stopped the onset of colds. He was surprised at how fast the LD provided relief to a sore throat – in minutes! Dr. Alstat, founder of the Eclectic Institute out of Portland OR, an herbal company, then added the Lomatium to various tinctures.  He reports having received positive feedback from physicians he trusted with experience in treating tough viral infections and chronic illness in clinical settings.

Lomatium Dissectum – My Story

Lomatium Dissectum produces a strong resin which is present in the extract and must be introduced to the body gradually. Some experience a rash – thought by experts to be the result of system-wide, deep detoxification. My own experience agrees with this.

When I first began, I took 10 drops per day of Lomatium for 2 weeks, throughout the day, of the brand name LDM-100 by Barlow Herbal. The Barlow brand is ultra pure – owner Jane actually grows it in the mountains of Utah.  You see she is a descendant of Dr. Max Barlow who received the formula from Dr. Krebs, Jr.  Jane cultivates harvests and processes the roots into its extract form.  I was warned by the insert to begin infusing the LDM-100 slowly.  From the first day of use I noticed a “feeling on top of the world” dance to my step – reduced fatigue, increased mental clarity, improved joint mobility etc., so I stayed with the 10 drops per day. Then the rash came much to my surprise. I was covered in bumps that looked like measles for 3 days. Since I was feeling so energized I believed it was toxins from chronic pathogenic growths dispelling and coming through my skin. I stopped my usage of LDM-100 for a time period and then resumed a lower dose, working back up to 10 drops with no return of rash.

To this day I use the LDM-100 a few times per week or more often if I happen to notice any fatigue or symptoms creeping up on me. I would not be without it. Listening to my inner voice, being well-studied in natural health care and having the right tools at hand to care for my body are vital to my healing journey.  Daily I use the TaurImmune products to stay well. If I feel I need extra viral protection, I combine the Flurox with the LDM-100 for shining results!

Info on Flurox – http://www.taurox4vitality.com/taurimmune_info.html#table

LDM-100 http://www.barlowherbal.com/ 

Barlow is not an “Affiliate” of Taurox4Vitality.com – just friends!

 * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.

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