Top Salt Cats 4 Balancing pH

Keep your pH balanced and your immune system strong, come wind, rain, sleet or snow!

Top Salt Cats 4 Balancing pH – How Does the Salt You Use Rate?
*see list below

First, a word about The Grain & Salt Society – Now called Selina Naturally

In 1995, a dear friend named Mitch S. suggested I join the The Grain & Salt Society and begin using the Celtic Sea Salt Brand in my diet. I was using “natural” sea salt and figured that was good enough. Mitch kindly sent me the book, Seasalt’s Hidden Powers. Mitch was a force to be reckoned with, so I joined the salt society. From the very start I felt my mood and immune system come into great balance, harmony and calm.

I also found their newsletter, A Grain of Salt, a dependable and cutting edge source of important dietary issues. I learned that processed salt is a negative culprit in the pursuit of super health in the same way that all processed foods are less vitalizing than natural ones. Proper digestion and assimilation of food, especially hydrochloric acid production, rely on mineral rich salt. Bodily enzymes, anti-aging mechanisms, energy production and pH balance all depend on a rich supply of trace minerals. Toxicities such as mercury deplete minerals and inhibit ATP (energy) production, so eating truly natural salt can help reverse degeneration for literally cents per day.

My fruitful association with Selina Naturally, one of the most integral and successful companies in the natural product marketplace, has now evolved into a formal affiliation at my Taurox4Vitality website. I encourage you to explore this exceptional online catalog of natural salts from around the world, specialty supplements, naturally cultured foods, kitchen tools, books, organic beauty products and unique food items. You can count on Selina to weed out those faddish products and supplements that might waste your energy and money.

AND…when you access Selina Naturally though Taurox4Vitality you are dealing directly with Selina and enjoy all the same benefits as any other customer.

The Story of The Grain & Salt Society

The company was founded by Jacques Delangre, an innovative natural health care researcher who studied with the macrobiotic pioneer George Ohsawa. Jacques was encouraged to investigate and distribute a totally natural form of salt harvested and raked, for thousands of years off the northwest coast of France. Historians believe that the Celts had inhabited this region, so Jacques, in love with the mystique of the Celtic lore named the salt and the raking method, “Celtic”. Jacques created the market for unprocessed salt through The Grain & Salt Society’s humble beginnings.

The inspired spirit which birthed the Society has stayed true even while the product selection has blossomed and now includes additional salt brands that meet strict standards of purity and nutritional content under the brand name Selina Naturally. Hawaiian Deep Sea Salt for is a newcomer that boosts an extraordinary mineral composition, sodium chloride of 79.6% and a pH of 10.22%. Its potential health benefits are matched by a subtle and smooth taste perfect as a finishing salt for salads, fruits and any dish.

Are you read to charge up your battery with boron, lithium, iodine and phosphorus, better balance your pH and receive the salt of the good earth?

Visit Selina Naturally at:

*Top Salt Cats 4 Balancing pH
Trace Minerals Ratios – data from the Selina Naturally Newsletter
23.10% – Selina Naturally Hawaiian Sea Salt*
17.50% – Celtic Sea Salt Light Grey*
13.40% – Selina Naturally Portuguese Coarse*
4.12% – Himalayan
3.96% – Lima Atlantic
3.92% – Alessi
3.53% – McCormick
3.42% – La Baleine
3.37% – Frontier
3.20% – Cerulean Seas
3.07% – Hain Pure Foods Salt
1.68% – Real Salt (brand name)

*These three top cat salts are available through Selina Naturally
Enjoy affordable world class nutrition when you salt-up for pennies per day!

Stara’s Kitchen Magic Tips

Sea Salt Alkalizing Beverage: 1 tsp. of high mineral sea salt per 1 qt. of pure water

Did you know that for a few cents a day you can bathe your cells in the essence of alkalizing sea salt?  For this purpose you want to select a very high mineral sea salt.

Peanut Butter Bliss

2 Tbs. organic creamy peanut butter
2 Tbs. honey
1 Tbs. + 1 tsp. soy lecithin granules
1/8 tsp. Hawaiian or Celtic Sea Salt
Blend well. Absolutely great on toasted rice cakes, carrot slices or as a topper on streamed kale.


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