Disease is a Temper Tantrum

Disease is a Temper Tantrum

*This article expresses my point of view, an attitude I came to by carefully observing my mind and body connection. My perspective is constantly expanding so I apologize in advance if my insight is lacking or if this material is offensive to anyone who is struggling with chronic illness. I do not mean to make little of the challenges of disease or overly simplify the cause or cure of health issues. After many years of dosing my body with tons of supplements and seeing countless health practitioners, I finally came to a more internally directed mind/body approach that works for me. Take it or leave it and write if you want.

There are two stages of a temper tantrum. Stage one involves a lot of kicking and screaming and turning beet red. In stage two the child stops breathing and turns blue. Stage one is caused by aggressive energy – anger – another word for not accepting and trusting the current situation. Stage two is a more advanced stage of anger whereby the natural survival mechanism is short circuited and respiration is clamped shut. In yoga the aggressive energy is called rajas and the energy of inertia is called tamas. These two forces flank the middle force, satva, which is the force of balance or pure white, undivided luminous, life-giving light.

Disease operates in the human body as a result of blocked energy flow.

Throughout time we create wishes, and as if often happens, our wishes may not be met on the schedule we think is appropriate. Reality is an interpretation. Our interpretation maybe that we should have received what we wanted yet did not, therefore desire is thwarted. Our attachment creates an aggressive force that pushes against the source of our good, and can indeed clamp it shut. The provider of goodness, our Cosmic Provider if often called God. This pushing and clamping down causes harm to ourselves and therefore to the entire universe since all is one on the infinite level.

Anytime overt hostility is at work, raja is at play and balance is momentarily lost. Anytime hidden hostility is at work as is the case in passive aggressive tendencies, tamas or inertia is at work and the balance of pure satva is momentarily lost. Whenever the force of red hot raja or cool blue tamas dominates the thought stream, imbalance occurs on all levels and energy flow is reduced. Too much or too little – too hot or too cold –getting stuck in either takes us out of alignment with the universal flow. The mind and body depend on the proper ratio of elements in perfect timing in order to conduct trillions of complex activities in a seconds flash. Our minds are tools that regulate, enhance or diminish the energy flow.

Based on my own personal experience I came to see biological malfunctions as a play of these forces. Poor habits become ingrained and that is how I view patterns of disease now. Disease is a poor habit of throwing a fit, a temper tantrum, and getting all inflamed over “stuff” that does not go our way. Stage two – turning blue – is seen when there is hardly enough energy to get through the day, we call Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in our modern day. These poor patterns form neurological grooves and become habitual when we receive positive reinforcement, attention, even negative attention, for our poor choices. This is the domain of what we call the ego, that false anti-self that always strives to be the center of attention, no matter what, even if it kills you!

Mind you, none of this may be obvious at first – the truth is usually cloaked behind illusory “reasons”. For example, I was born with a blood disorder, however I now believe there is no logical reason why I cannot be 100% perfectly healthy and as a result I improve my condition. Recently I am feeling so good, I took up light jogging. When I face limitations, I remind myself I am not the body or the mind. I am the light that illuminates the body and mind and ultimately I am limitless. I am FREE!

In order to learn to live peacefully, we must learn to trust the present moment and believe that what is happening, even if uncomfortable, is somehow for our best evolution. There is a definite boomerang effect on our health when we doubt, reject and wrestle with the moment of now verses being okay with it as it is. AND, we can simultaneously still intend something better for the future. This is the razors edge – accepting now and intending the future. Even if sickness is present, accept it and plan for sunnier days.

Step one – acceptance helps to release our grasping, our kicking and screaming, our attachments and with that anger can be washed away and replaced with forgiveness, love and acceptance, reflective of our higher nature. These higher emotional vibrations reinstate our energy circuitry so our nervous system reboots, our cells can breathe and the body can rest and repair itself. Then stage two – the holding of the breath level of resistance – gives way. Sometimes anger follows the fatigue; this is usually a good sign that healing is underway. All the while we are free to imagine a day when all this acting out will be just a memory!

Sitting or walking quietly in meditation and allowing the thought stream to slow down produces noticeable relief if practiced regularly and if coupled with conscious breathing. Mediation practice returns us to the center of our being where we find our balance again. Be not fooled by disease. See it for what it is – a childlike manipulative mechanism – a temper tantrum. You can access a useful breathing technique plus visual aide for a multi-sensory approach which enhances concentration at my yoga website.

Go to http://www.wavedancz.com/Pranayama-BreathRegulation.htm

The good news is poor habits are meant to disintegrate; nothing lasts forever as the Buddha explained. I like to believe that my lucky soul-star is hovering over my head and whispering the truth in my human ear. It is up to me to listen with care and an open mind. That is how I learn compassion and tolerance for what it takes to wake up and be very well.

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I am a starful being out to birth a more harmonious world. I am good at communications, marketing, sales, artistic design, building team spirit and natural product development and anything requiring insight and originality. I love to write about the miracle of life and how to enjoy more vitality and peace. I am into yoga, health foods, nature and the joy of children.
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